If it’s software it’s open-source and it’s Linux. This distro agnostic techy from Damascus, Syria never has his paws off his EEEPC (8 Gig thanks for asking). He knows his PHP from his Python, but when it comes to DIY forget it – his gorgeous wife puts up all the shelves in their house (as well as wearing the trousers). Catch Ashur via Slashdot or his blog because you’ll never see this dog down the park.

He also has a bit of a habit of retrieving things: last week we found him in possession of a large horsetail fern, a Shorter Oxford Dictionary (N-Z), two – yes two! – i-Phones (one slightly chewed), a fairisle knit tank top, a pair of lederhosen (slightly chewed), a rhinestone tiara, an HP dot matrix printer, a royal blue frisbee and a boomerang (slightly chewed)