Nothing like an old classic…


Top of the tree in terms of modern day matinee idols…who could be more suave, sardonic and cosmopolitan than Family Guy’s inimitable Brian?

This weed-smoking, Martini-shaking, wife-swapping hottie is currently working on a novel, though he’s had stints at the carwash, waiting tables and a job as a porno film director. Inbetween times he also trained with the dog detection unit, where he took to his role somewhat enthusiastically and ended up with a cocaine habit and slept with a prostitute called Tina. As fans will know his one true love, is of course Lois…but that’s not to say he’s averse to a little canine action when he can get it.

Brian may have something of a chequered past, but somehow that just makes him all the more irresistible, in a ‘I know he’s no good but I just gotta go there’ kind of way.

See him in action, here.

FLAP STATS: Size: Small to Medium. Type: Button. Flappability: 7. Strokiness: 6. Special comments: Although Brian’s ears are not his most distinguishing feature, they do have a certain subtle charm.