Lady lives in a cottage with her Master, landed gentry of course, in Cornwall. Her ‘Mistress’ is long gone but of course they don’t miss her at all. She has everything she needs, but runs a small charity helping Old Dogs come to terms with their owners modern obsessions with hygiene. Her weekends are spent frolicking in the organic vegetable gardens, nibbling on broad beans and rainbow chard and contributing to the composting.

Lady was reluctant to strut her stuff on Dogs’ ears at first, and it took a lot of patient persuasion from the Dogs’ Ears team and then her Master to get her to take part – and then we had to promise to plug her two favourite charities: New Tricks for Old Dogs (Health & Hygiene Matters!) and Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Once in front of the camera however, Lady becomes something of a fairy tale Princess, and her demure charisma and understated beauty has made her the muse of fashionista photographer Bonio Testino alongside other classic beauties such as Princess Diana (‘Yes, I know I’m reminiscent of her,’ says Lady ‘But that may well be because we are seventeenth cousins nine times removed…’) and supermodel rock chick Kate Moss (‘No comment!’).


Check out this truly charming website, Women and Dogs.

All you lovely doggies out there why not take part in the Dogs’ Ears Flap Factor competition? The Top Dog will win a yaptastic Diamond Lifetime Membership to the Dogs’ Ears Video Chat website (worth £50!). Get your ears coiffed and get posting!

The judging panel will comprise the endlessly captivating Andrea Rublev – whose life in Moscow is one, long round of glittering cocktail receptions; Dogs’ Ears Chat Coach, Victor Bernstein – a gruff Irish-American Cocker Spaniel-Poodle cross
and finally the Dogfather himself, Pascale Le- Chien de Rimbaud – graduate of the prestigious Ecole d’Articulation D’Oreilles in Paris.

Please enter your pics by adding them to the photo section of this group and our team of doggy judges will choose the very best hound with the ultimate flap factor. The judges will look for an overall winner in all categories including FINE FLAPS, TOP TWITCHER and MOST STROKEY ears. Encourage your friends to vote for you by posting on the group wall.

There will also be Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes for runners up – and we’ll be posting news of lucky winners each week – so keep your ears to the ground!

Here are some ears we love.

Dog Eared

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