Irish water spaniel Francesca Ferrari is a one-time Italian movie siren who is now the mama of 22 pups from 3 fathers – her director and one true love Fabio Fellini, Bruno Bulldog a Brooklyn-based boxer and Paolo Pitbull, a tough-guy mobster she tries to forget. Francesca is a matriarch to the end and fusses over her brood tirelessly, spoiling the boys with Gucci bling and fattening the girls up on huge plates of Wagiatelli al Boneo. The Ferrari family holiday in Stromboli, not that she gets much of a break!


If it’s software it’s open-source and it’s Linux. This distro agnostic techy from Damascus, Syria never has his paws off his EEEPC (8 Gig thanks for asking). He knows his PHP from his Python, but when it comes to DIY forget it – his gorgeous wife puts up all the shelves in their house (as well as wearing the trousers). Catch Ashur via Slashdot or his blog because you’ll never see this dog down the park.

He also has a bit of a habit of retrieving things: last week we found him in possession of a large horsetail fern, a Shorter Oxford Dictionary (N-Z), two – yes two! – i-Phones (one slightly chewed), a fairisle knit tank top, a pair of lederhosen (slightly chewed), a rhinestone tiara, an HP dot matrix printer, a royal blue frisbee and a boomerang (slightly chewed)

Meko has an unusual penchant for wearing sheepskin clothing, her favourite being a cerise mini skirt from a local Osakan herd. Meko is a pilot and part-time saxophonist. She adores flight and is happiest when she’s flying her refurbished Kawasaki Ki-45 over the mountains. A successful biotech scientist, her tiny home is full of her own invention the AtoPets – sub-nano biological devices built from the atom up. AtoSnack – will create all of the ingredients you need for any recipe, AtoPants – generates new underwear from old, everyday. For more see

As promised we’re going to be introducing some of the Dog Stars that will be wooing the public online at Dogs’ Ears. Our first featured canine chatster is the inimitable Jock McDog.

First things first: don’t let Jock’s rough exterior fool you, he’s the sweetest pooch north of Kinloch Rannock. With the excitement of his wife’s first litter on the way he can hardly concentrate on fetching Him Indoors’ slippers. Jock’s fame soared when he became the face of Woofters – look for his ears on packs of Cheese and Onion Crisps. But despite his high profile and legions of fans, Jock doesn’t let the celebrity lifestyle go to his head, you’d more likely find him relaxing at home in front of the telly with a glass of single malt Woofsky . ‘I’m an actor not a celebrity,’ says Jock. ‘You have to stay focused and keep your mind on the job. I’ve been there, dodged the Poocherazzi and got the T-shirt. Now the pups are on the way I’ve got new responsibilities. I was looking for a challenge and Dogs’ Ears was the perfect project. At the end of the day it’s all about the craft. Without that you’re nothing.’

Wise words and we wish him all the luck in the world!