The most adventurous of the pooches, Omaka is a no-nonsense thrill seeker from Kakaramea, Mt Teranaki, New Zealand. Her competitive nature makes her a challenge to be around but with her beautiful pendulous ears she’ll melt your heart. Watch out for her barbed tongue – it can be vicious if her sugar levels aren’t kept in line with her adrenaline highs.

‘I’m into Extreme Ear Articulation. Pascal Le-Chien de Rimbaud is more of a classicist, that’s great, and although we clashed on some issues for the Dogs’ Ears shoot, for the most part I think I was starting to win him round to my way of thinking. Yeah, I know he’s trained at the Academy, but I told him “PC – you need-ta feel the wind in your ears when you’re skydiving 5,000 feet from a ‘copter straight onto fresh powder with your board strapped to your paws…then you’ll know what Extreme Earism is all about. I said, you gotta jettison Charleville-Mez and scale some real peaks.” He nodded, but I’m not sure he really got it. I guess you can lead an old dog to water but only he can turn it into wine. If you want champagne, well you’ve got to take a few risks. I can’t do that for him. Nobody can.’


Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to shake off the winter cobwebs and get out there and catch a few waves. So we thought we’d give all you surfer dude doggies a heads up on this!

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