This little fella really knows how to twitch…


Irish water spaniel Francesca Ferrari is a one-time Italian movie siren who is now the mama of 22 pups from 3 fathers – her director and one true love Fabio Fellini, Bruno Bulldog a Brooklyn-based boxer and Paolo Pitbull, a tough-guy mobster she tries to forget. Francesca is a matriarch to the end and fusses over her brood tirelessly, spoiling the boys with Gucci bling and fattening the girls up on huge plates of Wagiatelli al Boneo. The Ferrari family holiday in Stromboli, not that she gets much of a break!

The whole DOGS’ EARS family are online, ready to yap with you while you watch us TWITCH AND FLAP!

Max ‘Tha Tapz’ is a very over excited wanna-be tap dancer. Under Victor Bernstein’s guidance he has made it to the third round of Wag-Factor and is tipped to win. A Vancouver born lad, from a modest home, he is set on experiencing everything. His girl is really proud of him, as are his parents. Worried that his cross-dressing habits are getting out of control – he knows that the stage is where he needs to be.

‘I may be small, but W-factor – that’s WOW factor between you and me – ain’t about size! No sir! I got the moves…I got the grooves! I got the flaps, I does the taps!’


*All calls cost 75 boneos a minute from a landline and 499 boneos per second from a mobile. You must be over 37 (dog years) to use this number, if not make sure you run it by your human companion before you press those pads!

Feng Po-Po is a feisty Chihuahua cross and a mile-a-minute chat star who could yap for all Asia in the Beijing Olympics! She is also the Chinese Goddess of Winds, which can sometimes be a little hard to control! Luckily she is only little, so the aromas, while pungent, stay close to the ground.

She is also an interior designer, Feng Shui and Chinese Horoscope Expert, who likes a game of Mah Jong with the ladies. Born in the Year of the Fire Dog, she speaks fluent Mandarin and is really rather clever – she also has a degree in Maths. (Just don’t ask her to tot up the dinner bill – as she is a firm believer that ‘addition is for bean counters!’)

One half of Turkey’s top TV comedy Duo, E & M, Erdem rarely appears alone but since his partners much publicised ‘incident’ in 2007 with Tolga the Terrier and Dachshund Duman, he’s been making a solo name for himself on the stand-up circuit. Only a young orphan himself, he is always bailing his little sister out of trouble, as she gets into all kinds of mischief with her band The Stray Packs.

The most adventurous of the pooches, Omaka is a no-nonsense thrill seeker from Kakaramea, Mt Teranaki, New Zealand. Her competitive nature makes her a challenge to be around but with her beautiful pendulous ears she’ll melt your heart. Watch out for her barbed tongue – it can be vicious if her sugar levels aren’t kept in line with her adrenaline highs.

‘I’m into Extreme Ear Articulation. Pascal Le-Chien de Rimbaud is more of a classicist, that’s great, and although we clashed on some issues for the Dogs’ Ears shoot, for the most part I think I was starting to win him round to my way of thinking. Yeah, I know he’s trained at the Academy, but I told him “PC – you need-ta feel the wind in your ears when you’re skydiving 5,000 feet from a ‘copter straight onto fresh powder with your board strapped to your paws…then you’ll know what Extreme Earism is all about. I said, you gotta jettison Charleville-Mez and scale some real peaks.” He nodded, but I’m not sure he really got it. I guess you can lead an old dog to water but only he can turn it into wine. If you want champagne, well you’ve got to take a few risks. I can’t do that for him. Nobody can.’