ıehind the Scenes at the Dogs\' Ears studios

Showbusiness isn’t all red carpets and premiere parties! Sometimes life in Doggywood Boulevard involves sitting around patiently on pale pink mats until it’s our turn to shine. Here, ambitious Bollywood B-Lister Rani waits her turn while Italian leading lady Francesca Ferrari prepares for her close-up.

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The whole DOGS’ EARS family are online, ready to yap with you while you watch us TWITCH AND FLAP!

Max ‘Tha Tapz’ is a very over excited wanna-be tap dancer. Under Victor Bernstein’s guidance he has made it to the third round of Wag-Factor and is tipped to win. A Vancouver born lad, from a modest home, he is set on experiencing everything. His girl is really proud of him, as are his parents. Worried that his cross-dressing habits are getting out of control – he knows that the stage is where he needs to be.

‘I may be small, but W-factor – that’s WOW factor between you and me – ain’t about size! No sir! I got the moves…I got the grooves! I got the flaps, I does the taps!’


*All calls cost 75 boneos a minute from a landline and 499 boneos per second from a mobile. You must be over 37 (dog years) to use this number, if not make sure you run it by your human companion before you press those pads!