Dogs’ Ears likes this doggy dude…and don’t forget, he’s using his inner EARS to balance.


As you can probably guess, here at Dogs’ Ears we think dogs and ears and art ain’t arf bowser!

But what’s exactly is ART? And what is Dog Art? And what about Dog Ear Art? For the definitive discussion on this contentious issue check out this video from Creature Comforts..

Or check out the Dogs’ Ears website and experience it direct!

Guido is an embarrassed Spanish dog who fancies himself as a bit of a casanova – but can’t believe he’s being featured on a dotty pink set. What will the neighbours say if they see him here? He’s also a gossip monger: if you want to know who’s doing what with who on the calles then Guido’s the dog in the know. Guido plays flamenco guitar and to make ends meet he also works as a waiter at the local bar El Perro Loco.

‘Ola! Hi. Bienvenidos. Wilkommen. As you can tell I am quite the international playboy. That is why even though I am telling them – not pink, red, because fiery like the toros, the bulls you know? they are still doing this pink. But I do not care about the pink. I am dog enough to take it. So…has oido como el website Dogs’ Ears es lo mas interesante y el unico sitio en el mundo donde se puede encontrar y ‘chat’ con perros internationales? Y que perritos locos! Las mamas son muy muy caliente! So hot, so hot for me! You know what I saying? Hombre! I have to fight them off with the sticks…pues, this is how it is for a dog macho, non? And I tell you another thing…that blonde beauty from the house by the lamp post is pregnant – apparently they have no idea of the father…it is a disgrace! Imagine such a thing! No pup of mine would be …ah, conyo! Look at the time…my shift starts in 15 minutes and I haven’t even tuned my guitar..I see you next Friday! Yes? Yes. You know you can’t miss it. Hasta luego amigos!’

Hi, this is my publicity pic – not bad huh? My name’s Rani, and I’m a bit of a cheeky pooch – I’m always looking for opportunities to meet new friends. I share a loft apartment in Mumbai with three Banjara Greyhounds who absolutely adore me – probably because of my culinary skills which are legendary – I like to say my soirees bring new meaning to the phrase ‘dog’s dinner’. But domestic arrangements aside, I spend my time concentrating on my career – which means I do a lot of schmoozing and cruising on Doggywood Boulevard with my agent Victor Bernstein (yah, I know, he’s an old-timer, but let’s face it who HASN’T this hound worked with?)…anyway, Vic’s convinced that Dogs’ Ears is gonna be my break through role! I have to say I think he might be right! Move over Shilpa Shetty, Empress Rani’s in town!

Down-to-earth Charity Queen of the West Coast, Bailey is California’s Top Dog. She likes nothing better than to sit up on the Peaks with surveying her manor and hatching plans to finally eradicate the cable cars having lost her good buddy down near Market on the Powell/Mason Line only 18 months ago. As chairdog of the infamous Up Against the Lamp Post Society, she spend most evenings visiting and educating the less fortunate dogs in the city.

‘Dogs’ Ears is fantastic fun!’ woofs Bailey enthusiastically. ‘I’ve met so many amazing and interesting dogs since I’ve been involved. And of course we’re hoping to raise funds not only for the artist Julie Freeman, so she can move on to the next stage of the project where she will map the movement of our ears to make music, but also for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. I can’t think of a better way for me to be involved and I can’t wait to get chatting with all the dogs once the site goes live!’

Not since Cats That Look Like Hitler – and of course the Dogs’ Ears competition – have we seen such a cool upload site.

Dogs in Cars – genius!

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