It’s seems that somehow, this cool, dark, silky-eared hound slipped through the net and missed out on the Dogs’ Ears feature previews. Criminal! Yes, but we’re ready to make amends and are posting a cool ‘on location’ shot of Czarus Kowalski – one of Dogs’ Ears most lovable and loquacious canines.

Short biog: Czarus is one of the few Poles not to love a sausage, and he gets a lot of stick from his friends back home in Slask, Silesia for his vegetarian diet. His libertarian attitude ensures he’s never short of a cause to champion; and his behind-the-scenes power with the key political figures make him a dog to watch closely (just ignore the spin).

Quote of the month: ‘It’s not quite correct, I DO like a sausage, but it is an organically produced soya sausage I prefer…they are remarkable and surprisingly tasty. Pickled cucumbers and the odd gherkin also go down a treat. Other than that, there is always a fish molly or other spicy treat that whets my whistle – I have very exotic tastes. Once I even wrestled a shark, but that is another story…’

Currently on location in Warsaw, you can keep up with Czarus on Twitter. Or better still, keep him busy at the day job and stop by for a chat at


We thought Naomi had been uncharacteristically quiet of late, but it seems that trip to New York was more eventful than she let on! It seems she might have got her tail in twist – but when we said we needed the ultimate ‘flappability’ we didn’t mean to say she should run round town getting IN a flap. What could have set this feisty pin-up off this time? Will she really have to go to court? And was it one Wooftini too many in Poodle Class that tipped her over the edge? Now, in a SHOCKING EXCLUSIVE she speaks out about the air rage incident on the Dogs’ Ears video chat site that has just GONE LIVE.

Click through to DOGS’ EARS to chat live with NAOMI – NOW!

The most adventurous of the pooches, Omaka is a no-nonsense thrill seeker from Kakaramea, Mt Teranaki, New Zealand. Her competitive nature makes her a challenge to be around but with her beautiful pendulous ears she’ll melt your heart. Watch out for her barbed tongue – it can be vicious if her sugar levels aren’t kept in line with her adrenaline highs.

‘I’m into Extreme Ear Articulation. Pascal Le-Chien de Rimbaud is more of a classicist, that’s great, and although we clashed on some issues for the Dogs’ Ears shoot, for the most part I think I was starting to win him round to my way of thinking. Yeah, I know he’s trained at the Academy, but I told him “PC – you need-ta feel the wind in your ears when you’re skydiving 5,000 feet from a ‘copter straight onto fresh powder with your board strapped to your paws…then you’ll know what Extreme Earism is all about. I said, you gotta jettison Charleville-Mez and scale some real peaks.” He nodded, but I’m not sure he really got it. I guess you can lead an old dog to water but only he can turn it into wine. If you want champagne, well you’ve got to take a few risks. I can’t do that for him. Nobody can.’

If it’s software it’s open-source and it’s Linux. This distro agnostic techy from Damascus, Syria never has his paws off his EEEPC (8 Gig thanks for asking). He knows his PHP from his Python, but when it comes to DIY forget it – his gorgeous wife puts up all the shelves in their house (as well as wearing the trousers). Catch Ashur via Slashdot or his blog because you’ll never see this dog down the park.

He also has a bit of a habit of retrieving things: last week we found him in possession of a large horsetail fern, a Shorter Oxford Dictionary (N-Z), two – yes two! – i-Phones (one slightly chewed), a fairisle knit tank top, a pair of lederhosen (slightly chewed), a rhinestone tiara, an HP dot matrix printer, a royal blue frisbee and a boomerang (slightly chewed)

Born in Brazil, and resident in the Caymans Island, New York and Monaco, Naomi is a B-I-T-C-H. She loves the camera, but refuses to work without a fan and 17 bowls of dark chocolate doggoSnax. Her water bowl must be filled almost to the brim with Poochel Sparkling Spring Water, if it’s tap – she’ll walk.

‘I’ve just flown in from New York after a week of gruelling training sessions with Pascal Le Chien De Rambo – or whatever! – that dog is a taskmaster I can tell you! People have no idea how hard I work. I told my assistant – get me Victor on the phone now!’. She’s such a dimwit, it took her three shakes of a lab’s tail to get me connected. And then she got my name wrong and said she was putting a call through from a Miss Hissy-Fit! Just because my name has a hyphen in it, can it really be so hard to remember? Holy smoke! I could have thrown…You just can’t get the staff these days…so, anyway, I’ve lowered my fee considerably to take part in Dogs’ Ears – well you know, everybody wants to work with JF these days, and normally of course I don’t move from my basket for less than £50,000 dollars – although in the current climate one really prefers Swiss Francs, you know what I’m saying? I just hope they realise who they’re dealing with. I really do. Otherwise we’ll all be sorry.’

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to shake off the winter cobwebs and get out there and catch a few waves. So we thought we’d give all you surfer dude doggies a heads up on this!

How To Choose A Surfboard For Your Dog