Dogs’ Ears likes this doggy dude…and don’t forget, he’s using his inner EARS to balance.

ıehind the Scenes at the Dogs\' Ears studios

Showbusiness isn’t all red carpets and premiere parties! Sometimes life in Doggywood Boulevard involves sitting around patiently on pale pink mats until it’s our turn to shine. Here, ambitious Bollywood B-Lister Rani waits her turn while Italian leading lady Francesca Ferrari prepares for her close-up.

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It’s seems that somehow, this cool, dark, silky-eared hound slipped through the net and missed out on the Dogs’ Ears feature previews. Criminal! Yes, but we’re ready to make amends and are posting a cool ‘on location’ shot of Czarus Kowalski – one of Dogs’ Ears most lovable and loquacious canines.

Short biog: Czarus is one of the few Poles not to love a sausage, and he gets a lot of stick from his friends back home in Slask, Silesia for his vegetarian diet. His libertarian attitude ensures he’s never short of a cause to champion; and his behind-the-scenes power with the key political figures make him a dog to watch closely (just ignore the spin).

Quote of the month: ‘It’s not quite correct, I DO like a sausage, but it is an organically produced soya sausage I prefer…they are remarkable and surprisingly tasty. Pickled cucumbers and the odd gherkin also go down a treat. Other than that, there is always a fish molly or other spicy treat that whets my whistle – I have very exotic tastes. Once I even wrestled a shark, but that is another story…’

Currently on location in Warsaw, you can keep up with Czarus on Twitter. Or better still, keep him busy at the day job and stop by for a chat at

Yeah, now Snoopy had some serious flaps on him and he knew what to do with them!

Nothing like an old classic…

This little fella really knows how to twitch…

Irish water spaniel Francesca Ferrari is a one-time Italian movie siren who is now the mama of 22 pups from 3 fathers – her director and one true love Fabio Fellini, Bruno Bulldog a Brooklyn-based boxer and Paolo Pitbull, a tough-guy mobster she tries to forget. Francesca is a matriarch to the end and fusses over her brood tirelessly, spoiling the boys with Gucci bling and fattening the girls up on huge plates of Wagiatelli al Boneo. The Ferrari family holiday in Stromboli, not that she gets much of a break!

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